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1. Toward a sustainable value chain

1.13. Open innovation process in graphic arts companies

Olli Nurmi

Development of new business opportunities and new products and services has traditionally taken place within one company. Several factors have however contributed that this closed innovation process has become in functional and open innovation process has been developed to enhance the innovation process. The open innovation process includes active idea generation and seeking technology outside the company borders and co-operation with the suppliers and competitors to generate added value for the customers.

The purpose of this project was to define and implement the open innovation process in several graphic arts companies. The project generated networks, innovations and more specifically three development projects.

The open innovation process works best in the so called precompetitive stage where the time to market is relatively long. Additionally it was found out that the best result was achieved when the customers are involved into to the innovation process.

Keywords: Open Innovation implementation, Graphic arts companies
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1.14. RIT Media Independent News Model for Rapid Publishing

Michael Riordan

This paper presents a model for a news production system optimized for multi-channel publishing outcomes, including a nearly instantaneous newspaper, website and GPS-synchronized publishing feed displayed via Google Earth. Customized modules of open-source software were created to bridge between proprietary hardware and software commonly used in publishing.

Keywords: Newspaper, Open-Source, XML, Metadata, GPS
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1.15. Media Organisations and Local News in a New Media Environment: Super Local News – Redefinition of News from a Local Perspective

Asta Cepaite, Elisabeth Stúr

New forms of media have produced opportunities for a new kind of journalism. The technological changes have transformed the content, how it is created, the methods of news work, how news companies are organized, and the ways in which individuals use and interact with content.

The objective of this paper is to discuss the phenomena of super local news in perspective of the recent changes in local media organisations in a context of a transformed media environment. This is exemplified by the development on the Swedish local media market with focus on the role of local news in media organisations. In this paper three research questions are selected from the research field: First, what kind of changes in the organization structure and the news production has the local media organization to face? Secondly, how has the form and content of local news changed? Last, what will be the future role of the local news?

The study is based on qualitative methods. The majority of the material for the study is collected from selected Swedish local papers.

Some results of the study concerns changing procedures in content production and distribution, which require restructuring of journalists’ working methods. Production of the news becomes more rapid which can have an effect on the quality of the content. Reduction of local news offices at the same time as production of the local content is preferred influence likely who is producing the content and controlling its quality.

Keywords: Super local news, Media organization strategy. Local newspapers
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