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Evolutions in food packaging printing

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3. Improving printing process

3.01 Tailored magazines distribution workflow and data communication between a publisher, a printing house and distribution organisation(s)

Olli Kuusisto

This paper describes the work done in a project which focused on compiling inventory of data needs in operational networks for the distribution of tailored magazines production process, defining new demands for control, and developing a demonstration system for the data communication in the distribution of tailored magazines The project extended previous work done in workflow control between a publisher and a printer.

Characteristics of modern supply chain management include the different activities and their functions to be described, and that the systems involved communicate with each other in desired extent thus making the operation transparent to participating parties. This is not the case in the magazine supply chain. Data is communicated between publisher, printing house and delivery organisations. However, despite that the data can mainly be found  from the various systems involved the data communication occurs mainly manually and the supply chain is not transparent.

Keywords: magazine workflow, tailored magazines, publishing, printing, distribution, JDF
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3.02 Implementing ISO12646 standards for soft proofing in a standardized printing workflow according to PSO

Aditya Sole, Peter Nussbaum, Jon Yngve Hardeberg


This paper defines one of the many ways to setup a soft proofing workstation comprising of a monitor display and viewing booth in a printing workflow as per the Function 4 requirements of PSO certification. Soft proofing requirements defined by ISO 12646 are explained and are implemented in this paper.

Nec SpectraView LCD2180WG LED display along with Just colorCommunicator 2 viewing booth and X-rite EyeOne Pro spectrophotometer are used in this setup. Display monitor colour gamut is checked for its ability to simulate the ISO standard printer profile (ISOcoated_v2_300_eci.icc) as per the ISO 12646 requirements.

Methods and procedures to perform ambient light measurements and viewing booth measurements using EyeOne Pro spectrophotometer are explained. Adobe Photoshop CS4 software is used to simulate the printer profile on to the monitor display, while, Nec SpectraView Profiler software is used to calibrate and characterize the display and also to perform ambient light and viewing booth measurements and adjustments.

Keywords: Colour measurement, colour management, process control standards, soft proofing, display calibration, display characterisation
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3.03 Improving Reliability-based Maintenance Culture in the Printing Industry

Csaba Horváth, Erzsébet Novotny

In several aspects, maintenance organization relies on the results of organization sciences, and therefore the results, correlations surfacing during the analysis and examination of organizational cultures may as well be applicable to this field of studies. Cultural elements can be clearly linked to the maintenance strategic model elaborated by the authors, thus demonstrating that the improvement of maintenance efficiency and changes in certain elements of the organizational culture can be assigned to each other. The authors have worked out correlations and methods, conducted studies to see how in contrast with the reactive (troubleshooting) maintenance approach the foresighted reliability culture can be made a part of the corporate culture at printing businesses, what steps, procedures are needed for a successful change.

Keywords: reliability, corporate culture, maintenance, printing industry
Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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