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Evolutions in food packaging printing

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0. Introduction

0.02 Determining CIEDE2000 for printing conformance

Robert Chung, Ping-hsu Chen

ISO 12647-2 specifies tolerance of solid KCMY in CIELAB DE metric. Due to the fact that CIELAB lacks visual uniformity, ISO/TC130 decided to use CIEDE2000 metric, where appropriate, for all new ISO/TC130 standards and revisions of existing standards. This study used a printing database of over 200 printed samples to find out how solid conformance, determined by each metric, compared to each other. This research is not limited to finding CIEDE2000 values that are backward compatible with CIELAB DE. More importantly, this study recommends tolerance of solid KCMY in CIEDE2000 metric that are visually uniform. As a result, the value of 2.4 ?E00 is recommended for solid CMY and the value of 3.6 ?E00 is recommended as for black solid. These recommendations accommodate both visual uniformity and compatibility of the two ?E metrics.

Keywords: CIELAB, ?E*ab, ?E00, Optimized ?E00
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0.01 A light source colour fidelity index for the graphic arts

János Schanda

Colour mismatch problems appear when inappropriate illumination is applied. Colour matching functions need updating to be able to produce measurement results that will agree with visual testing. Three levels of correction are discussed and determined. Furthermore, the new CIE indoor D 50 and D 65 illuminants could deliver more reliable results as the traditional illuminant C, and by using the proposed smoothing the realization of sources seems to be also possible.

Keywords: color fidelity, colorimetry, illuminant
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