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Evolutions in food packaging printing

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3. Special Printing Applications

3.07 Smart-printed-pack - intelligent packaging container attached with opening detector and paper-based electroluminescent indicator lamp

Vicente de Gracia, Susana Otero, Nuria Herranz, Markus J. Müller, Juan Diaz


Smart Packaging is a term which has become increasingly important in the last few years. While previously, the only purpose of packaging was product protection and advertising, nowadays it has changed and packaging is becoming increasingly more functional.

AIDO and ITENE are collaborating together in a research project called “SMART-PRINTED-PACK” that has the aim to develop a carton package equipped with sensor which detects if the packaging has previously been opened. The packaging contains an electroluminescent lamp (EL lamp), which illuminates if the packaging is opened once. All components of the package as EL lamp, conducting lines and sensors are realized by printed technologies.

smart packaging, printed electronics, opening detector, paper-based electroluminescent lamp
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3.08 Printability of thermochromic offset inks and their interactions with dampening solution

Ondrej Panák, Bohumil Jašúrek, Jan Vališ, Marie Kaplanová, Marta Klanjšek Gunde

The paper focuses on the interaction of TC offset inks with dampening solutions and how influences the composition of dampening solution behaviour, functionality and ability of TC inks to be transferred in offset printing process. Two thermochromic inks were used in the study (red CTI, and blue SICPA). Studied inks exhibited a very large tendency to built emulsion with high fraction of dampening solution. The rheological parameters are highly influenced by emulsification. The tack of both the inks is not much influenced by emulsification and it is lower than the tack of conventional CMYK inks. The compositions of dampening solutions did not influence the colour or thermochromic functionality of thermochromic inks. For preparing printing master a 48 lpc screening is recommended.

Keywords: thermochromic, offset, funcionality
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3.09 Polymer films with watermark for protected printing production

Alexandr Kondratov, Evgeniy Bablyuk, Marina Dryga, Evgeniya Anokhina

This article is devoted to the new method of protection of labels and other printing products from the falsification, based on using of polymer film with unique optical properties. The reasons of showing up and regularity of the optical and mechanical effects were investigated theoretically and experimentally. The ways of realization of protection method in production of multilayer labels and film package are suggested.

Keywords: polypropylene film structure, protection of pack against falsification, appearing and disappearing watermark
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